Weekly Meals for the week of 3/26/23

So for no reason at all, this week I decided to go with a *mostly* German theme.

Breakfast is not German, it’s these yummy PB Cup Overnight Oats. I’ve been making these for years and they’re always just a scrumptious way to start the day.

We made these Frikadellen, German burgers that we have never tried before. Had them on Kaiser rolls, very simple, but turned out pretty good. I cooked them in a pan, but that was getting the outside dark and not finishing the inside so I threw them in the oven til they got up to temp.

Served them with potatoes I know Alex likes, this Hot Potato Salad. I also made 2 veggie dishes that I know Alex won’t eat, this Cucumber Salad that I love, and this Broccoli Quinoa Salad that I’ve never tried before. Worked out pretty well, some good flavor. I wish there was a little more texture, I thought the pistachios would add more crunch but they didn’t.

I also prepped some Apple Glazed Chicken Breasts, although I baked it instead of grilling even though it was nice outside, I didn’t want the hassle of going outside for one of the pieces I was cooking.

I had Schnitzel on the plan and we bought the groceries for it, but I ended up not cooking it, just ran out of time.

So that’s it! Lots of good things, some new some tried and true.

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