Mother’s Day Menu

So I didn’t meal prep for us, because I’ll be away most of the week. But I did put together a menu for Mother’s Day that was mostly a hit. Only one fail, and one thing we couldn’t do because we’re not quite in season yet.

I had my grandma make this Mozarella and Strawberry Bruschetta and it was pretty good. My great aunt made a cheese and chutney dip of her own choosing, served with celery and carrots. That was pretty much it for appetizers.

The sides were the Heirloom and Tomato Salad with Pearl Couscous that I make on the regular, and my mom made a spinach saladCitrus Apple Spinach Salad from the side of the bottle for the Stonewall Kitchen Honey Orange Balsamic Dressing.

Mains were one of our favorites, these Mango Chicken Kabobs, and Teriyaki Pineapple Burgers which was a new recipe but we’ve had similar things before just never used that specific recipe.

The desserts were where we ran into problems. Luckily we had purchased gelato from Gelato Fiasco, and my uncle got excellent fruit per usual. But we tried to make this Chocolate Yogurt Parfait and honestly, because it was Greek yogurt it really just was too bitter. I would have modified to use vanilla yogurt, and probably more maple syrup, and possibly not even Greek yogurt although I like the consistency. We had also hoped for Mango Peach Cobbler but it’s a little too early for peaches.

Altogether a success though!

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